We got together with our friends in Barcelona at lacasamarta.com, a holistic interior design agency, to create our 9 top tips for a holistic space. Enjoy and don’t get too overwhelmed. I always say, put into practice what comes easiest to you and attracts you the most!

Open your windows at home and the office and let fresh air and natural light into your space. These two things will instantly uplift you and your space. Even though we can’t see it, the air we breathe inside can contain bacteria, viruses, and toxic vapors from furniture, paint and cleaning products. This in turn makes the air that we breathe inside more contaminated than outside air, even in a city.
EMF (electromagnetic fields) created by electronics are known to affect our immune, neuromuscular and nervous systems which in turn can affect our ability to sleep. So if you are having a hard time sleeping, try unplugging any electronics you have in your bedroom to see if that helps.

Our living and work spaces have a huge impact on the quality of air we breathe so you want to be conscious about not contaminating your body, your home or environment with harmful chemicals commonly found in cleaning and beauty products and air fresheners. These not only pollute the air you breathe, but they also irritate your skin and organs.

We are reacting to color vibrations all the time – even while we are asleep! Not only do we take color vibrations in through our eyes but also through our skin. Color is a powerful force that effects every part of our being and can be used to help heal, relax and to aid in learning and stimulate the mind, so it’s important to figure out what colors resonate with you and use them in your spaces. Bright colors like yellow, red and orange are more stimulating and are good for office areas and breakfast nooks while softer, warmer colors like lavender, rose and pale yellow are better for relaxation.
This is an important restorative process which impacts neurons in our brain that radiate throughout our bodies and affect how our body works. Silence is vital as it releases built up tension in our bodies and mind caused by noise and stress and happens so continually we may not even realize we are tense. Whether it’s through exercise, watering your plants, sitting in nature or relaxing while you prepare yourself a cup of tea, practice silence in a way that resonates with you!
Plants help clean the air, reduce electric static, ionize particles in the atmosphere, create a more humid and healthy environment, reduce noise and create visual harmony within a space. Even just looking at them can have a relaxing effect. They also help us reconnect with nature even if we’re indoors.
If possible, try to utilize a wired keyboard and mouse, an ethernet connection and a desktop computer. If you have to use a laptop, make sure to rest it on a table and not your body. You also want to make sure that all electrical outlets in your space are properly grounded. Without this, you can be subject to subtle electric discharges that can have adverse effects on your nervous system.
Always try and reduce the amount of objects, furniture, clothes, décor and tools you have in your immediate space. The more lightly we live, the happier we are. Having fewer things, that are good quality and bring maximum happiness are key. An organized and clean space brings about peace and clarity. Know that when you get rid of clutter, you create space for new opportunities and things to come to you.
Walking barefoot in the grass or on the sand naturally discharges any electromagnetic charges we have been exposed to and helps prevent infalmmation in the body. Nature is one of our largest providers of balanced energy that helps rejuvenate and harmonize our mental, emotional and physical states and body, so if possible do this outside. Otherwise, walking on your wood floors at home will also work. This is the best way to eliminate any high electric voltages you may have been exposed to due to our modern day lives.
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