How to cultivate a meditative mind and really SEE

Changing The Way You See Things

Really going far out there with this post but what the hell. Reading this book called Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender by an Enlightened (yes Enlightened) author, David R. Hawkins. He writes, “Stress is determined by our belief systems and their associated emotional pressures. It is not the external stimulus, then, that is the cause of stress, but our degree of reactivity… The suppressed and repressed feelings seek an outlet and utilize the events as triggers and excuses to vent themselves”. Essentially, once again, another confirmation that your outside world and EVERYTHING you experience is a reflection of what is inside of you.

Now stop and think about that for a second. You don’t like your life or the “events” that have transpired in your life and work on changing yourself and BOOM, your whole world changes too.

I don’t know about you but for me that’s a super hopeful and empowering realization. Essentially no matter how hopeless or tough our situation is, we have the power to change it.

This book speaks a lot about repressed and suppressed emotions and childhood programming (all things that happen without us knowing or being conscious of them) being the cause of many of the events that play out in our lives. So… if you can get quiet enough and develop a practice that helps you to identify and release those emotions and become aware of some of the unconscious programming that you took in as a child, well, then it seems like you’re GOLDEN. And I’m quite sure that your world and experience of the world will be entirely different and dare I say much more enjoyable. I don’t know about you, but that’s for MEEEE. Where can I sign up?

The other thing that I think helps create a better world for ourselves is SLOWING THE FUCK DOWN, practicing meditation and moving quickly when you need to but not having that be your default mode. This sounds so cliché, but in stillness you can sense and feel so much more that that in turn allows you to make better decisions and become a better predictor of the future and you can actually begin to see what is coming towards you. Mix this in with surrendering to whatever comes up and trying to not be attached to an outcome and DAYUM GINA, you are on your way to living a pretty incredible life.

I love talking about and sharing all of these things because it has made my life so much bigger. I have a bad day and whereas maybe before that bad day would affect me for a couple of more days and keep me up at night, now that isn’t the case. How we regularly experience the world is just the tip of the iceberg and depending on how deep you want to go in your spiritual practice, you can literally change your whole world and experience of it.

 Speaking of bad days, my own personal recipe for how I handle a bad day:

  1. Once you realize you’re having a bad day, try and let go, become the observer of it and if you can, laugh at it. Typically after something “bad” or “annoying” happens, I will hit my head or stub my foot or suffer from some sort of physical altercation. This is usually what makes me snap out of my drama and realize, OH, my thoughts and energy are attracting this. This is hysterical. And I can have a good laugh at my irritated, injured self.
  2. Know that any thoughts that come up during this bad day state of mind will most likely be negative and horrible. Ignore them. And again try and separate yourself from them and watch them come up and observe them without any judgement.
  3. Come home, eat whatever the fuck you feel like (mac and cheese for dinner followed by ice cream? Yes!) and have a beer or glass of wine (condoning alcohol – I know, terrible). In my case, I will have meditated beforehand (FYI).
  4. Watch one of your favorite TV shows, the more mindless the better (steps 3 and 4 are about deep self care and permission to do whatever the fuck you want)
  5. Go to bed early.
  6. Wake up the next morning and exercise (whatever that looks like for you)
  7. Put on an outfit that makes you happy and feel good about your self
  8. Have a healthy breakfast followed by a cup of coffee
  9. FLY (that bad day should be in the rear view mirror at this point, a distant memory never to be had again)

What are your tips for getting over a bad day?

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