What is Holistic Interior Design?

When talking about Holistic Interior Design I like to begin by defining traditional Interior Design which is the meeting of beauty and function. Holistic Interior Design does this, but also goes beyond the physical world of trends, furniture and décor and looks at creating harmony amongst the person, the space, Earth and the entire Universe. Yup, the entire Universe!

So how do we do this and what does it entail? And what exactly does a Holistic Interior Designer do? Let me break it down.

The Person – Mind, Body and Spirit

Similar to traditional interior design, in holistic interior design, we begin with our Client. Whether it be a business owner or residential Client, we begin by finding out what is working in their life and what isn’t. And when touring the existing home or business (if it’s a re-design or remodel), the space actually gives us clues as to where our Client might be having issues and we are able to talk these through.

How? Because our inner and outer worlds are connected. Our thoughts become things. And so our spaces are a great window into getting a fresh look at what might be happening inside of us. Because sometimes, it’s hard to look inside and get clarity on our own. Sound crazy cool? Read more about it here.

Next, we ask our Clients what their dreams and goals are for the future. This allows us to design a space that supports our Client where they are in the present moment as well as who they want to be in the future. This way we design a powerful space that will support our Client over time.

As we get to know our Clients, where they are struggling and what their goals are, we also prescribe certain rituals. These are as simple as a personalized morning or evening routine, working with crystals or doing a medicine bath (an ancient Shamanic practice).

Lastly, we discuss style. What colors and styles do our Clients like? And if they don’t know, we help them discover what that is. This ensures that the space is a perfect reflection of them (or their business) and not someone else or some passing trend. This is what we call designing a space with intention.

The Space

In addition to designing a beautiful space, there are a bunch of other ways we work with a space to potentialize its benefits through Holistic Interior Design. This includes working with color, air, light, non-toxic and sustainable materials, art, removing clutter, creating Sanctuary, doing a space clearing to remove negative or stagnant energies and applying the ancient principles of Feng Shui and Vaastu whenever they are needed.

The Earth

Back in the day, when we lived in nature, we were connected to nature’s natural rhythms and cycles. When the sun rose, we did and when it set, we went to sleep. Nowadays, with the advent of technology and city life, we have become disconnected from nature. As a result we are missing it’s cues. This can negatively affect our mood, energy levels, hormone and stress.

With 55% of the world’s population living in cities and the number expected to rise to 70% by 2050, this disconnection will only become bigger. So one of the ways Holistic Interior Designers mitigate that is through biophilia- by bringing nature inside.

It is also important to give thanks to the land your home or office sits on. This can be compared to saying grace at the table before you eat. When we become mindful of the fact that the Earth is providing us a space to live in, we honor it. And this is another way to restore that lost connection. Energy flows where attention goes.

Similarly if we are working on a new build project, through ancient Feng Shui and Vaastu practices we can test and survey the land to ensure it will be a healthy, prosperous place to live/work. Just like we give off a vibe, the Earth does as well. And it’s important to be able to “read” it and act accordingly before building a new home or business.

Lastly, the Earth, via geopathic stress and underground water emits electromagnetic frequencies, some of which can be harmful to humans. Through an ancient technique called dowsing, we can check for underground geopathic stress and water and ensure the location of them doesn’t pose a threat.

The Universe

At one point, for us to exist, energy had to turn into matter. This is called the Big Bang Theory. Similarly, we as humans are comprised of energy and matter. I believe we have both a soul (energy) and body (physical). The Earth emits energy and is also a physical place. Likewise our spaces are also comprised of energy and the physical. So by getting our spaces in order through a Holistic Interior Design practice which includes a 360 degree approach, they become aligned with us, the Earth and the Universe. And when we are aligned, our sense of happiness and wellbeing grows and makes us happier, less stressed and healthier people.

Sound amazing? In addition to designing entire spaces we are now offering two hour virtual or in-person Holistic Interior Design consults. For more info click here.

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