2021 has been a year of many lessons. It’s as if the whole world feels different- because it is. So much happened in 2020 that there was no way 2021 could not feel different. A huge factor still permeating a lot of our lives is remote work and limited socializing thanks to COVID (at least this month it feels like it). Because of all these things and many more, 2021 was a year of lessons for me. So what are my top 3 lessons for 2021?


My first lesson of 2021 is to surrender to what is and go with the flow as best as possible. Many times, I’ve found myself wanting something – A LOT, and the Universe or Divine timing has simply had other plans for me. By letting go and trusting that everything that needs to happen for me- will, has allowed me to have less friction and frustration in my life.

Because resistance- require energy. And when you think about resisting what is, trying to fight it or have it your way- well, that’s a whole lot of wasted energy. Instead, if we embrace potential roadblocks (or what we deem to be roadblocks) and go with the flow, life becomes a whole lot easier and way more enjoyable.

I’ve also found that over time, what you thought was a roadblock, actually turns into a blessing or critical moment to get you where you need to be. The minute we can let go and realize there is something bigger and badder looking out for us, the minute that life gets a whole lot easier.

This lesson has been HUGE for me. I’m an ambitious Capricorn and my whole life I’ve equated working hard with success. In many cases, unconsciously I’d be pushing the boulder up the hill, when I really didn’t need too.

Even after this AHA- I still have to catch myself at times and pull back. The easiest way for me to catch myself is being highly aware any time something feels like a struggle or like I’m pushing to make something happen. When the energy of pushing comes into play, I know I’m forcing things and it’s time to take my hands off the wheel and let go.


This year I got to work with a handful of clients doing my Beyond Spaces Consult. This is a holistic interior design consultation I conduct either in person or virtually. And this year, all sessions taught me – our spaces don’t lie. Every session I had was proof that who we are and what we are dealing with gets manifested in our physical worlds. Each session would show me this over and over again. And although I’ve studied this, and scientifically, this can also be proven, it’s a huge AHA every time I experience it with someone new. So lesson 2 for the year is that our spaces are a direct reflection of who we are on the inside.

So what does that mean? Well for one, we can use our spaces as an indicator of where we may be thriving or need help in our lives. Each room, piece of furniture, art and any issues that may exist in the room all say things about us. You just need a good interpreter :).

My hope for 2022 is that I can work with as many people as possible to assess their space. And after finding the connections between their physical spaces and inner selves- help them improve their lives. This adds a depth to my work as an interior designer that fills my soul and takes design to a whole other level.

if you want to read more about how how our spaces impact our mental wellbeing check out this Refinery 29 article I was featured in.


This lesson has been an ongoing one. When I look back at my New Year’s Resolutions lists’ this has been on each one of them for a while. So what does lesson 3, cup half full look like?

It means assuming the best of everyone and everything in every single situation. A perfect example- you’re driving and someone cuts you off. You can get heated, curse them out and assume the worst about them. Or you can reign yourself back and say- “They must be in a huge hurry to get somewhere. Maybe it’s an emergency. I hope everything is OK”.

Now think about the mood each one of these scenarios puts you in. In the first scenario your blood pressure and stress levels shoots up, you begin sweating and it puts you in a bad mood for a couple of minutes or even hours afterwards. In scenario two, the exact opposite happens. You’re able to actually feel compassion for the person.Your physiology changes- for the better. And your mood remains the same.

Like lesson number 1, I still have to catch myself in these moments. It’s still work. But having the awareness is the work. I still slip. I still jump to negative conclusions about things and people, but these moments of awareness help me pull back and reframe. And because of that, life is a whole lot sweeter.

What were some of your lessons for 2021?

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