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Ready To Start Your Spiritual Journey?

There is obviously no “right” way to begin this journey, as it shows up more in the form of a calling. Maybe you read something on Instagram that grabs your attention and you buy the book or watch the video and that’s enough to pique your curiosity into wanting to know more and go beyond than what we experience with our five senses. Perhaps that leads to a class or workshop and you delve deeper into a particular subject or technique. And then one day, you find yourself living a very different life than you used too. Things become easier because you are in touch with universal flow. You are conscious of negative thoughts and mental constructs (beliefs routed in the past, what our family has taught us and what society teaches us to be believe) and because of that, are living closer to the truth.

They always say that books find you, and that was certainly the case for me. One book led to another on another subject and then another book or workshop and so on and so forth. My life feels 100% different than it did five years ago. I worry less, think fewer negative thoughts and crave the space to let the day unfold and guide me to what I need to be doing. People are nicer and situations easier since you attract what you think about most. And since I am more intentional with my thoughts and more conscious of them, they are higher quality and therefore I am able to attract higher quality things into my life.

If you don’t know where to begin and all this talk of discovery has you wondering what the hell I’m talking about then here are some tips:

  1. Start with a book – Maybe one of the books on my list. This is how I began and it’s a low cost, high reward step that you can do at your leisure)
  2. Take a class or workshop on any topic that piques your curiosity. Some great options are available in New York City at the Open Center or Maharose in Brooklyn. There is also the Omega Institute in upstate NY. You can also book a meditation session at MNDFL in NYC which is a great place to learn to meditate – basically meditation for the modern woman or man.
  3. And up above all else, don’t be afraid. Your parents and friends might not be interested in this kind of stuff and you might feel like you can’t talk about it around them but that’s OK. Eventually, it will become a part of you and your life and you will give two shits what anyone says because you will know and have seen the TRUTH. Your TRUTH. That’s more powerful than needing to be accepted by anyone. Shit comes out of my mouth in client meetings or with family members and I’m so convinced of what I’m saying (because it is my TRUTH) that people actually listen. Some just smile and probably think I’m crazy, but a lot want to hear more and are curious. By sharing your learnings and experience you are not only expanding, but you might help the people around you expand without even knowing it – and that’s an awesome thing. I’ve also found that I have started to meet and attract like minded people in the craziest and least expected of places. Because of our shared level of consciousness, relationships go deeper and are more satisfying than ever before.

If you have any specific questions on where or how to begin your journey feel free to reach me at [email protected]

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